Finding Ur Strength in Life (by david viscott)

just-reading.jpgBuku ni baru beli dari Borders kat D’Curve Damansara pada16 Sept 2006. HARGA Hhmm..ble tahan jgk rm39.80. seronok baca buku ni. simple words n senteces. skrg ni tgh baca lg. selalu bawa buku ni ke mna2. gi kedai, g kelas, g bengkel, nk tido….tak lupa juga kena bwa kamus. yala..smbil tu ble add my english vocabulary. apa yg buku ni bgtau…

Everyone is looking for happiness. But happiness is not a goal. it is a result of doing what u like and relating honestly to other people. Happiness is about being ur own person, making ur own desicions,doing what u want because u want to do it, and living ur ownh life to please urself. It’s about being independent, allowing others to be free, and seeking the best in urlife and in the world. bnyak lg. semuanya ada 257 subtopic and 259 pages. if u dare read it. hehehe…….

 “I do not try to be accepted. I do not search for love.

I want only to be me an am grateful for the gift of myself”

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  1. asalamualaikum k.long…..k.long bgs jgk frasa k.long buat tu..usaha k.long…….emm rajinnye wlaupn k.long wlaupun bnyk kerja kn buat….thniah lah…

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