during my trip to kl 16 sept 2006, i stayed at k dar’s house area damansara. waktu breakfast we have some chating about books. i was looking for a book which title 8 habits of high effective people and now stiill looking for the book. she also mentioned about this book by tony buzan. its categorized in self help book.

k dar told kat area Damansara there is a big book store, Border in kompleks D’Curve. penat jugakla duk cari D’Curve tu….last2 jumpa jugak. tapi buku yg dicari tak jumpa. memandangkan i really love books so i decided to buy this book too, the price is RM 69.90.

selepas 2 minggu dlm simpanan tp adala jugak belek sikit semalam je baru berpeluang go through but only a topic. buzan told

“mind maps help u to learn, organize, and store as much information as u want, and to classify it in natural ways that give u easy and instant access (perfect memory) to what ever u want.”

okla, after some reading it very exciting to do some exploration in this skill. this morning i also shared with DMK6-S1 about min maps. its not only about the skill but we also do exploration to our brain, our talent and really generate our creativity and in the same time we solving.when doing mind map just relax, we have to have a piece blank unlined paper, some colored pens and pencil, our brain (of course) and our imagination.  mind map just like road map. it can help us to:

  • plan

  • communicate

  • be more creative n effective

  • save time

  • solve problem

  • concentrate

  • organize and clarify ur thoughts

  • remember better

  • study faster and more efficiently

  • see the whole picture


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  1. pinjam buleh. huhuhuhuh. masa ngaji dulu aku selalu dengar nama en tony buzan ni

  2. huhu.. boleh jer…tp tolong balutkan buku ni ble x. hehe

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