The prophet’s path the way of love
Only by this Love U’ll rise above

Like a dove that’s been set free
Love with longing is the key
This love with longing is the key
Honey, nectar, sweetness and cream
Orchids blooming by a mountain stream
Starlit skies and waves on the sand
Next to love they can’t stand
Next to this love they can not stand
Ya Rabbii yaa sarii’ar ridho irham man ro-su maalihir-rojaa
Wa thina maa qod sa-alnaa bi liqoo-i khoiril anaami
Ya khoiral a’anaami
yaa man-ismuhu dawa wa dzikruhu syifaa-un lana
Robbiy faj’al mujtama’na ghoyatuhu husnul khitami
Bihusnil khitami
How can I find a way to express
Something that cannot be thought or guessed
Something more than just words?
This love is neither seen nor heard
This love is neither seen nor heard
Love is the rope given by Allah
It will save U for every flaw
Grasp it then He will draw U near  by Hadad Alwi & DEBU

Driving past, walking fast
To the field of dreams, hear the children screams
Every corner represents, a different image in my mind
A momentary emotion, spacebanked in time
In time
memories fade like a dusty window pain
and U can’t see U past no more
The only thing that remains is that feeling of warmth
In ur heart that will always….be there
An immortal smile, stays only for a while
But down the line, it strengthens us inside
We all live the illusion, on many days to come
Not realising that tomorrow lies with Allah
The only one, the only one
Times goes by on the wings of a butterfly
and what goes with it is all that U have
So take the best of every man


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