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  1. lorr…. cian nyer dia…
    sakit yer……..
    kecik nyer dier…

  2. leaving all to the shit, soys some idiots for calling to that monkey|overall my name,aunque is very monkey|overall not teneis right to putting that name|noun because it seems that I am a monkey|overall. I am not going to blame the monkey|overall because it|he does not have anything of fault.

  3. ala..kesianya dia.

  4. Heyy all you byotchez my name is dunia and im sexy az hell so u can stop hatten cauz u no u look just like dis monkey bitch. so if u got sumetghyn 2 say hit meh up at n we can get it poppen all day everyday bitch

  5. hayati husni

    hi mr/miss dunia. dunia is malay word mean world in english. never related to monkey in above statement. ^_~

  6. subhanallah…kasian banget…mudah-mudahan dipetunjuk sama tuhan ya???

  7. kasian banget. moga tuhan tunjukin jalan hidup buatnya..

  8. aku hanya bisa berdo’a untuknya

  9. anoop vishwkarma

    i love dunia

  10. yaA aMpuN kaSian bngET….. yG TbaH aJ d

  11. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww dunia y u lyn dat do be’z lukn lyk u……luk @ ma lil sister…..u luk sooooo HIT as a babe….lolz…
    luv u tho…

  12. subhannallah……………………….maha suci allah bersyukurlah karena di ciptakan dgn sempurna

  13. nie orang ka monyet..klau monyet knapa sampai da doktor…balas a..tq

  14. AstogfirullahhaladZim.. knp Bz smp jd mnusia monyet ea ?????????

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