Popular Tips

Popular Tips
The 25 most popular RealAge Tips
Drink This Juice for Comfier Joints
Your joints may reap some sweet rewards if you treat your taste buds to this every morning: a tall glass of orange juice. More
Fortify Your GI Tract with This Midnight Munchie
It’s long been a favorite of midnight moviegoers, and research now shows that it could give your gastrointestinal (GI) tract the red-carpet treatment, too. It’s popcorn. More
A Little Habit That Makes Exercise Easier
You’re more likely to finish your workout by saying “Boy, that was a breeze!” if you do this first: rest your mind. More
3 Things to Know Before You Buy Vitamins
A vitamin supplement can be a great way to fill in nutrition gaps. But before you spend your money, there are three questions to answer. More
The Best Reason to Look Younger
If you don’t look a day older than the age on your driver’s license, that could mean a longer life for you. More
Open Your Arteries with a Bowl Full of These
Your heart and arteries will be pretty thrilled if breakfast always has you craving a bowl full of oats. More
6 Foods That Knees Dig
For more youthful knee joints — or anything that bends — consider what’s in your kitchen.

The Magic Drink That Boosts Energy
It quenches your thirst, it’s practically free, and it gives you energy to boot. What’s this magical energy drink? It’s water. More
Key Muscle Group for Great Knees
If your knees bother you when you bend ’em, here’s a natural way to help ease the pain: Get strong quads.

Eat More in Front of the TV
Does your prime-time TV viewing go hand in hand with major snacking? Not a problem . . . if you choose this for your evening treat: popcorn.

Dragging Around? Quick Energy Test
Are your energy levels up to par? Or have you felt tired for so long that it’s your new normal?

Supercharge Your Peanuts with This Trick
Here’s an easy trick for cranking up the disease-fighting power of your peanuts: Roast them. More
A Good Way to Ditch Belly Fat (Without Dieting)
It’s not that slice of cheesecake that goes straight to your belly bulge. It’s the couch lounging. More
How to Elevate Oatmeal to Superfood
Drink a glass of this with your oatmeal to help elevate your breakfast to superfood status: orange juice.

A Tiny, Round Fruit for Better Blood Flow
A little fresh-fruit snack may put you on the fast track to better blood flow.

Live Longer with This Protein
Which do you have on the menu — chicken, beef, pork, or fish? Your answer just might affect your life span. More
Turn Off Hunger with This Drink
Those 100-calorie snack packs not holding you over until dinner? Try a low-calorie serving of this hunger-halting smoothie.

Make Your Workout Feel Like a Breeze
It would be so great if we could figure out a way of making workouts feel easy-breezy for everyone. Right? So here’s the trick: Give yourself a mental-image pep talk. More
A Thick and Creamy Weight Loss Aid
If you think it’s too yummy to have any place in a real weight loss diet, think again.

Everything Green Is Gold for Knees
You’ve heard of a green thumb. But how about green knees?

Drink This at Breakfast and You’ll Eat Less Later
The key to not overeating at lunch is to choose carefully at breakfast. And here’s a beverage choice that may help: skim milk. More
4 Habits Make You 14 Years Younger
There are four key RealAge habits that can give you an extra 14 years of life. Know what they are?

All About YOU: Why Too Much Vitamin A Is Bad
Somersaulting down the sidewalk isn’t the only thing that’s bad for your skeleton. So is taking too much vitamin A.

Blood Pressure Aid
When your blood pressure (BP) creeps up, help knock it down with this simple change in diet.

More Amazing Olive Oil News
Olive oil — the unsaturated fat that’s great for your heart — is making headlines again. But this time it’s for helping something a little lower down: your stomach.


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