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Unnecessary recorded voice mail is totally a waste on resource, money, time and the most important thing is I reluctant to be charged by the telecommunication companies for just no purpose but just listening to “your call has been forwarded, bla…bla…bla Even that Some people still asking me, WHY WE HAVE TO DEACTIVATE OUR VOICEMAIL? To answer that question I leave u with three scenarios.

1st Scenario

PSMZA have about 5000 student, and this 5000 students want to call Mr. AX who use Telco ABC who provided Voicemail automatically to Mr. AX since he subscribed his mobile line. One day all this 5000 students want to call Mr. AX. All of them couldn’t reach Mr AX so they definitely will reach the voicemail. This company has charged for one voicemail RM0.15. Can u believe that in one day just for one person (Mr AX) they could make RM 0.15 x 5000 students = RM 750. That only for one day what about 7 days, RM 0.15 x 5000 students x 7 days = RM5250. Don’t u think this money is so much better if we could donate to Tsunami victims, poor people or orphan house.

2nd Scenario

Average I will make a call at least to ten person every day. Out of ten only 5 person answer my call but the rest will reach voicemail box. That meant every day I will lose my money about RM 0.15 x 5 = RM 0.75. Just imagine it happened for a year. So in one year I will lose about RM 0.75 x 365 days = RM 273.75. Badly it already happened for 5 years so I already lost RM 273.75 x 5 years = RM 1368.75. I think that money is so much better if it go to my saving account.

3rd Scenario

I got really irritated this morning trying to call Maya on the mobile. I keep getting to the voicemail which comes with instruction on how to leave a voicemail?! Who needs an instruction on how to leave a voicemail? I don’t need to leave a voicemail; I just want to speak to my friend! Can you (the voice from the voicemail) get me thru my friend! Urgh! I got really irritated with the Telco, that’s the reason why I already deactivated my voicemail service.
Here’s a kind message to everyone out there. Please kindly DEACTIVATE your voicemail if you don’t need it. Seriously, you can help your friends and family save a lot of money. Oh, just in case you don’t know, YOU GET CHARGED EVERYTIME YOU GET TO A VOICEMAIL! Even for a quick “Hello, welcome to bla bla…” You still get charged!!}
”Well, I’m now to tell you the way how to disable your voicemail, so you will not cause other people to waste unnecessary $$$. However, if you think Voice Mail is really useful to you, then you should remain it. I hope the info helps you to reduce unnecessary bla…bla…bla….”

Steps to deactivate your voicemail based on your TELCO;

Active – Call 016-2211800. Deactivate – *128#, select mobile
service, voice mail and deactivate.
(After that please Activate your Miss call alert back)
MCA Activate – *128# select mobile service, voicemail and miss call alert only.

you (number owner) have to dial 1111or 03-3630 8888 and talk to customer service and ask them to deactivate your voicemail ONLY. Please remind them to keep your Miss Call Alert (MCA). Before they deactivate the voicemail they will ask your particular like Name, I.C. Number, Address, Your mother name.

Deactivate –*128*2*4*4# this step will also cancel miss call alert (MCA) ,
Activate MCA dial *128*2*4*3*1#

I am not sure but maybe u can try this step or just call maxis operator. Activate – *#109#
Deactivate – ##109#